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Our past-to-present restaurant concept is based upon two simple principles: never forget where you came from, and never forget where you came to eat. Some call us new-school foodies, some call us old-school renaissance men. Call us whatever you’d like, just make sure to call your friends.

Our Roots

It’s Time To Break Bread

It’s Time To

Break Bread

We may not be in the movie business, but you can always expect our executive chef and his enthusiastic kitchen staff to put on a show. Our shareable foods approach comes straight from their passion to constantly innovate, so we urge you to get creative when combining our brilliant small plates, inventive wood-fired pizzas, and inspired large plates.

Our Menu

Neighbors Become Friends


Become Friends

We’re all in this together. From communal tables to shareable plates, The Crown Tavern is a fresh take on New England’s “publick houses”, a place where neighbors can feel connected over plates, pitchers, and laughter. If you happen to be visiting from out of town, well, just maybe we can convince you to switch your morning flight.

Our Motivation

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